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CQE's - Community Quota Entities
Amendment #66 to the
Halibut and Sablefish Program
This site revised on May 28, 2009

United States Government Accountability Office Study

Methods for Community Protection and New Entry Require Periodic Evaluation

Read Summary

Government Accountability Office Website

NPFMC community protections options for the rationalization of groundfish in the North Gulf, items currently in analysis.

Click here for motion

Visit the NPFMC website

City of Craig Becomes State�s First Quota Entity Community
National Marine Fisheries Service approves CQE application of Prince of Wales Island Community Holding Corporation
Click Here for December 8, 2004 press release

Documents that would be of use to other communities as they work on setting up their CQEs can be viewed on the City of Craig web site at

Formation of By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation for CQEs (Community Quota Entity)

On June 1, 2004, Amendment #66 to the Halibut and Sablefish program, allowing eligible Gulf of Alaska coastal communities to purchase halibut and sablefish quota share, became law.

To get more information regarding Amendment #66 in general, please check out the following web sites and/or contact our office at 907-561-7633 and 866-561-7633 (in AK only).

OR: Review information at these web sites:

NPFMC web site on halibut issues
NMFS/ RAM division web site on CQEs
State DCED web site on CQEs

Click here for final rule filed 4-30-2004

National Marine Fisheries Service experts are introducing options now available in the individual fishing quotas, or IFQs, program for halibut and sablefish. IFQs, introduced in 1995, are the share that each fisherman is allowed of the annual catch. Click here for article

On June 3, 2004, Governor Frank Murkowski signed into law a bill which will allow Community Quota Entities (CQEs) within the Gulf of Alaska to be eligible for loan-interest commercial fishing loans from the State of Alaska. The GOAC3 thanks the Governor and Commissioner Edgar Blatchford for their efforts in getting this bill through the Alaska Legislature so quickly. For information on this opportunity, refer to the Alaska Department of Community and Economic Development's web site at

HIGH ALERT - Amendment 66


On April 10, 2002, the North Pacific Fishery Management Council voted 11-0 to establish an amendment to the Halibut and Sablefish Program of 1995 to allow specific Gulf of Alaska communities to purchase halibut and sablefish quota share and lease them to community residents on an annual basis. There are 42 communities within the Gulf of Alaska who are eligible to participate in this program. Each of these (or a combination of these) communities can form a CQE (Community Quota Entity) non-profit corporation to purchase the quota shares. The CQE must be organized after April 10, 2002. Other specific rules are in the Final Rule.

The "Final Rule" was published in the Federal Register, March 30, 2004. The "effective date" for implementation of the program is June 1, 2004. To learn more about this amendment, first download and read the Final Rule (ADD LINK). The Final Rule has been written very clearly but we know people have many questions.

Both the National Marine Fisheries Service RAM (Restricted Access Management) and the State of Alaska Department of Community and Economic Development will be the primary resources for information as well as approving permits and licensing.

if you have any questions at all, please e-mail our offices at or call us at 907-561-7633 or 1-866-561-7633.

For further information go to:

(1) The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS)

(2) State of Alaska Department of Commerce and Economic Development's web site on CQEs (

(3) Watch this web site for more upcoming information.

NMFS issues a proposed rule to implement Amendment 66 to the Fishery Management Plan for Groundfish of the Gulf of Alaska and an amendment to the Pacific halibut commercial fishery regulations for waters in and off of Alaska. Click here for final rule 4-30-2004

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