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Select GOAC3 Initiatives
GOAC3 was directly instrumental in the development
 and passage of the following Council Actions

Halibut Model & Manual

CQE Vessel Use Caps (October 2011 Council Motion, Amendment 94)

CQE Purchase of Area 3A D Shares (February 2011 Council Motion)

LLPs for qualifying CQE’s (Council Motion April 2009; Final Rule March 22, 2011)

The Limited License Program (LLP) authorizes CQEs for eligible communities to request non-trawl groundfish LLP licenses endorsed for Pacific cod in the central or western Gulf of Alaska.  More information is available on the LLP web page at  The CQE must annually, in an Authorization Letter, assign each community LLP to a user and vessel and must provide a copy of the authorization letter, and any subsequent amendment to that authorization letter that is made by the CQE to both NMFS and the vessel operator prior to use by the person(s) designated. There are residency and other requirements for community LLP Users, and the CQEs have an annual reporting requirement on permit use.

Halibut Charter Permits for qualifying CQE’s (Final Rule January 5, 2010)

Under the Charter Halibut Limited Access Program (CHLAP) eligible CQEs may request community charter halibut permits for use in International Pacific Halibut Commission Areas 2C (Southeast Alaska) and 3A (Central Gulf of Alaska). A CQE may apply at any time for community CHPs, issued at no cost. The CQE designates charter operators to use its community CHPs, although the CHP itself is retained by the CQE. A charter vessel operator using a Community CHP is subject to all charter fishing regulations, and must either begin or end the charter vessel fishing trip within the community designated on the permit.  (For this and more information go to:

Community Quota Entity (CQE) Program (Final Rule April 30, 2004)

The IFQ Community Quota Program authorizes CQEs to purchase commercial halibut and sablefish Quota Share (QS) for lease to residents of the eligible community. This privilege includes a CQE annual reporting requirement.
See for definitive and detailed information on the CQE program.

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