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Protecting Fisheries
Access to Small GOA
Coastal Communities

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About GOAC3

The Gulf of Alaska Coastal Community Coalition are fishermen; ANCSA corporations; village councils; boroughs; cities; and, community associations that share a common concern for the recovery of the strong and stable fisheries based culture and economy of the Gulf of Alaska's small coastal fisheries-dependent communities.

There has been a dramatic erosion of ability for communities to make their living from the sea. This erosion has occurred for a variety of reasons including environmental, political, legal and biological changes which have had an enormous negative cumulative effect.

The GOAC3 exists because too many marine/fisheries decisions are made without consideration of socio-economic impacts and without adequate consultation with communities.

We exist because someone needs to be looking at the "big picture" with consideration of the impacts of individual and collective actions.


  • Protecting existing fisheries access to small GOA coastal communities
  • Seeking to mitigate or reverse negative impacts of previous regulatory actions
  • Monitoring and mitigating new regulatory actions
  • Seeking to create new fisheries and fisheries-related economic opportunities
  • Participating in viable conservation methods
  • Informing and Educating
  • Creating bridges and consensus
  • Being "at the table!"
  • Keeping our communities viable


  • Community ownership of marine resources access rights
  • Stronger coalitions among all fisheries groups
  • Coalitions with fisheries-dependent communities around the country and Canada
  • Stronger representation for GOA fisheries dependent communities at all levels of decision making
  • Greater commitment to our communities, our futures, our children's futures and each other
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